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outside of our store Thank you for considering Five Star Jewelry Exchange & Loan. We are a well established and licenced buyer of Gold in the Thompson/Okanagan. Specializing in precious metals allows us to pay you the highest price for your gold and silver in Kamloops. In addition to buying gold and silver we also offer the option of a low interest rate loan. For a full list of what we buy please see below.

Why Choose Five Star Jewelry Exchange & Loan

Local: We are the biggest buyer of Gold and Silver in the Thompson/Okanagan and are located in the North Shore of Kamloops at 455 Tranquille Rd. Parking is located on the street, behind the building or in the parking lot across the road.

Price: Our prices are set on a daily basis and reflect the current market conditions.

Drop In Service: No appointment is necessary. We have the convenient hours of Monday to Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-4pm. In the spring & summer we may take a Saturday or Monday off. If you plan on coming on one of those days it would be best to call ahead to make sure we are open.

We offer free, no obligation estimates on your gold, silver, coins, collections and estates. If you have a large collection give us a call before you come and we can arrange a time.

Accuracy: Between our extensive experience, our knowledge of precious metals and with the use of our full proof testing equipment, we are able to provide you with an accurate quote for your gold and silver on the spot.

Trust: Everything we do is done right in front of you. We test, weigh and explain the process to you.

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    What We Buy

    We Buy Gold:
    Gold Jewelry, Chains, Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Wedding Bands, Earnings, Dental Gold, Scrap Gold, Broken Gold, Raw Gold, Placer Gold, Gold Watches, Nuggets, 9kt, 10kt, 12kt, 14kt, 16kt, 18kt, 21kt, 22kt, 24kt

    Gold coins include, but not limited to:

    Australia Nugget (Kangaroo), Australia Perth Mint Chinese Lunar, Austria Ducat , Austria Francs, Austria Corona, Austrian Philharmonic,Barbados 1975/78 $100,Belize 1975-80 $100,Belgium Francs,Canada Maple Leaf,Canada $20 Coins 1967,Canada $100 14kt 1976, Canada $100 22kt Proof 1976,Canada $100 22kt Proof (1977-1986),Canada $100 14kt Gold Proof (1987-2003),Canada $100 14kt Proof (2004-date),Canada $200 22kt (1990-2003),Canada $200 22kt (2004-date), France 20 Francs , Germany 20 Marks ,Great Britain Sovereign, Mexico Pesos,Netherlands Guilden,Panama 100 Balboa 1975-84,Russia Roubles, South Africa Krugerrand,South Africa Pond,Swiss Franc, USA Eagle/Great Britain Britannia,USA $50 .9999 Buffalo

    Understanding Gold Hallmarks: scrap gold
    Gold items are usually stamped with a hallmark to identify the purity of the gold. The most common of the hallmarks is kt. In many parts of the world however, gold is marked with its purity. The following is a list of gold hallmarks and their purity hallmark:

    9kt or 375, 10kt or 417, 14kt or 585, 18kt or 750, 22kt or 916, 24kt or 999

    We Buy Silver:
    Canadian Silver coins 1966 and under (Dollars, 50 cents, quarters, dimes)

    Canadian Silver Coins 1967 ( Silver Dollars &50 cents) (Silver Quarters & Dimes)

    Canadian Silver Nickels 1920 and under

    US Silver Coins 1964 and under (Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes, Morgan Dollars, Kennedy Dollars, Liberty Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars)

    World Silver Coins (Please bring in your coins for us to view. World silver coins are vast and each country's coins that contain silver are of different dates and silver purity)

    Monteral Olympic Sterling Silver $5.00 and Sterling Silver $10.00 coins and sets, Calgary Olympic Sterling Silver $20.00 coins and sets, Franklin Mint Silver, Royal Canadian Mint, Silver Ingots

    Sterling Silver Flatware (full or particle sets), Sterling Knives, forks and spoons (any size), Sterling tea sets, tea pots, cups and goblets, Sterling salt and pepper shakers, Sterling bowls, plates, ornaments, candle holders, Sterling Silver cigarette cases, Scrap sterling

    Understanding Silver Hallmarks: scrap silver
    Every country has a different way of hallmarking, ranging from simple to complex. You could spend your lifetime memorizing all of the world’s silver hallamrks. However most silver hallmarks that you will find are common and in wide array. These more common hallmarks include .925, 925, sterling, .800, 800, and a walking lion. If you are unsure about your silver being silver an easy way to check is to hold it to a strong magnet. If the magnet pulls to it the piece is NOT silver.

    We Buy Platinum:
    1 oz platinum maple leafs, 1/2 oz platinum bullion, 1 oz platinum bars, platinum coin sets, platinum jewelry

    Understanding Platinum Hallmarks:
    Like gold, platinum can be marked with it's purity. There are 4 recognized standards of platinum. 850 (85% pure) 900 (90% pure) 950 (95% pure) 999 (99.9% pure). Here in North American you will often find the word PLAT stamped into the platinum jewelry along with it's purity mark.

    We Buy Pallidum:
    Palladium 1oz Maple Leafs (.995), Palladium 1oz bars (.995), Scrap (90%) Palladium (by the gram)

    Other Things We Buy:
    At Five Star Jewelry Exchage & Loan we do not limit our buying or loans to precious metals only. We will also buy the following items...

    Men's and ladies authentic Rolex watches gold or two toned, High end watches and gold or silver pocket watches, war medals & memorabilia, jewelry estates and coin collections.

    What We Don't Buy:
    We do not buy any gold or silver plated items. Items that are gold plated will be marked GP. Other stamps for plated items includes… GF Gold Filled, GE Gold Electroplated, RGP Rolled Gold Plate, EPNS Electroplated Nickel Silver, HGE Heavy Gold Plate and GS Gold Shell. As well we do not pay for gemstones. If they are easily removable we can return them to you upon your request.

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    We Deal With Coins

    I am member of The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association and I have successfully completed the Canadian Numismatic Course part 1 & 2. My knowledge in coins, specifically Canadian and US silver coins, is vast and ever expanding. I have complied some of the basic information you should know when it comes to recognizing and selling your coins.

    Specific coins are going to be worth more than their face value or silver content if they are “Key Dates”. Key dates are coins that were either a low mintage or high mintage coins that were recalled. Some examples of these are:

    - 1858 Large One Cent

    - 1936 Penny (dot)

    - 1921 5 Cent

    - 1921 50 Cent

    - 1948 Dollar

    All of the above coins will fetch you a very high price.

    When it comes to coins that pre 1900, while they may be old it does not necessarily mean they are more valuable. The value above the silver content will depend on condition; how worn is the coin, can you read the date, can you see the details in the portrait, these factors will help to determine the value.

    Like all commodities the price of silver changes on a daily basis and so will the value of your silver coins. Canada made it's coins with variable amounts of silver. From 1858 to 1920 coins were struck with a silver content of 92.5% or sterling silver. (This includes the 5 cent coin until 1921. The second half of the year the silver 5 cent was discontinued and from that time on our 5 cent coins were struck in nickle.) From 1921 to 1966 coins were struck in 80% silver. For the centennial year of 1967 the Dollars and 50 cent coins were struck in 80%, however for the first part of 1967 quarters and dimes were struck in 80% silver and the last half of the year the quarters and dimes were struck in 50% silver. There is no tell tail way to notice the difference in the silver content until you refine and assay the coins. In 1968 the Royal Canadian Mint stopped production of striking Dollars and Half Dollars in silver and began to mint them in nickle. They did however still struck the quarters and dimes in a silver content of 50%, but that was only done for the first 6 months. After that the quarters and dimes followed suite with the dollars and 50 cents and were minted in nickle. The easiest way to tell if your 1968 quarters and dimes are made of silver is to take a magnet to them. Silver is not magnetic so if they stick they are not the silver variety.

    So for a quick recap on silver content:

    - 1920 and prior 92.5% Silver

    - 1921-1966 80% Silver

    - 1967 50%-80% Silver

    - 1968 50% Silver

    Coins of The United States

    Like Canadian coins the US struck their coins in Silver. The silver content of US coins is 90% up to 1964. This includes the Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarters and Dimes. Dollars were made of Silver until 1935, but halves, quarters and dimes were continued to be made of silver until 1964. In 1965 the US stopped producing coins in silver expect for the Half Dollars. These were now struck in 40% silver (otherwise know as clad) until 1969. Rather than trying to remember dates the easiest way to tell if your US coins are silver is to simply turn them on there side. If you see a ring of copper around the edge of the coin then you know you have the non silver coins.

    Just like Canadian coin US coins have key dates. However what US coins have that Canadian coins do not is a mint mark. All US silver coins were minted at 5 different mints throughout the United Sates. These marks are “P” for Philadelphia, “D” for Denver, “O” for New Orleans, “S” for San Francisco and last but not least is the rare and collectable “CC” for Carson City. Any coins that do not have a mint mark were minted in Philadelphia.

    Coins from around the world

    All countries at one point made coins from silver. Each country during different periods of time used a varying degree of silver content. For this reason world silver coins can be very diverse and so can their values. It best to have all of your coins checked, silver or not, in order to determine their value and/or rarity.

    Everything that you have just read is just the basics of Canadian and US coins. I encourage you to feel free to call or email me any questions you may have about your coins or collections. If you are not a collector or have no to limited knowledge about coins it can be very intimating, and confusing. I have handled many estates and inheritances and the process does not have to be difficult if you find a dealer who is honest, knowledgeable and transparent with you. Once your collection is evaluated, free of charge, you are at no obligation to sell to us. I take pleasure in sharing my knowledge about coins with others and in turn if you do decide to sell I hope you will be confident in knowing that you made the right choice with us.

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    Get A Loan

    cash money loan

    At Five Star Jewelry Exchange & Loan we offer low interest rate loans on any Gold & Silver. This includes (but not limited to) gold jewelry (broken or not), gold watches, diamond rings (.25ct and up), gold nuggets, raw gold, placer gold, dental gold, sterling silver tea sets, sterling silver flatware, sterling silver trays, sterling candle holders, sterling salt and pepper shakers, silver coins, world silver coins, pocket watches, gold coins, gold and silver bullion...

    **Extensions available

    In order to receive a collateral loan with us you must be 18 years of age and have 2 valid pieces of government issued ID, one of which must be a picture. This includes Drivers License, health card, social security card, birth certificate, passport, Indian Status, Military Id, permanent residence card, age of majority card.

    We have the right to refuse service under our discretion.

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